Sonance Sound System in Egypt, UAE & Saudi Arabia
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Sonance believes there is more to exceptional speakers than sound alone. They must strike the perfect visual note as well. Their geometry, finish, size and placement–every detail should be considered in the context of the room itself. The right choice not only complements your home design, it becomes a part of the design—as deliberate and personal as the flooring below and the lighting above.

After inventing the first residential in-wall speaker over 25 years ago, they continue to set the standard for premium home speakers, bridging the gap between acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal—and transforming the choice of speaker from an afterthought to an integral element of design.


Professional Series


  • PS-S210SUBT Bandpass Subwoofer
  • PS-C43RT In-Ceiling Speaker
  • PS-C63RT In-Ceiling Speaker
  • PS-C83RT In-Ceiling Speaker
  • PS-C83RWT In-Ceiling Woofer
  • PS-C43RTLP Low Profile In-Ceiling Speaker
  • PS-C63RTLP Low Profile In-Ceiling Speaker
  • PS-P43T Pendant Speaker
  • PS-P63T Pendant Speaker
  • PS-P83T Pendant Speaker
  • PS-P83WT Pendant Woofer
  • PS-S43T Surface Mount Speaker
  • PS-S53T Surface Mount Speaker
  • PS-S63T Surface Mount Speaker
  • PS-S83T Surface Mount Speaker
  • PS-S83WT Surface Mount Woofer

Invisible Series


  • IS6T 70V Speaker
  • IS8T 70V Speaker




70V/100V Transformer 


Landscape Series


  • Satellite Speakers
  • Subwoofers






  • OMNI-6T



DSP Ampilifiers

  • DSP 8-130 MKII
  • DSP 2-750 MKII
  • DSP 2-150 MKII
  • SR2-125


Digital Amplifier

  • 2-100
  • 12-50
  • ASAP3D