Smart Home Solution, Meeting Room Automation Saudi Arabia
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SMART Technologies

Smart Technologies

SMART Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions that inspire greatness in classrooms and workplaces across the world. The right technology, used in the right way, inspires all of us to discover, develop, and share our unique greatness. SMART delivers an integrated solution of software, hardware, training, and services that are designed for superior performance and ease of use. After 30 years in the market, SMART remains a world leader in interactive displays.


SMART Board for Education


  • GX Series
  • MX Series
  • 6000S Series
  • 6000 Series
  • 7000R Series
  • 7000 Series

SMART Board Pro for Business


  • MX Pro Series
  • 6000S Pro Series
  • 6000S Pro Series
  • 7000R Pro Series
  • 7000 Pro Series

Business Software


  • SMART TeamWorks™
  • SMART Meeting Pro®
  • SMART Remote Management

SMART Podium


  • SMART Podium for Education
  • SMART Podium for Business and Government



  • SMART Document Camera
  • SMART Coding Kits by SAM Labs
  • Computing modules
  • SMART speakers
  • Mobile and Wall Stands
  • Connectors and Extenders
  • SMART Audio