Pufferfish | Innovation Platform Solutions
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At Pufferfish, they challenge flat technology by opening up a world of possibilities for better communication, engagement and interaction with the captivating PufferSphere® and PufferTouch®.

Using the unique technology alongside the knowledge, skill and creative talent of their team, they realise your vision.

The PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® spherical projection solutions are tailored to your needs, combining extraordinary form, magnetic appeal and unique interactivity to tell your story in ways never before possible. They change the way information is used, viewed and understood.

They make digital real.



PufferTouch Range


  • Includes our PufferTouch2, PufferTouch2+, and our PufferTouch2+ Mobile solutions
  • Simple, portable, robust full 360° display
  • Exclusive on-sphere touch interactivity
  • Resolutions up to 4K Ultra-high definition
  • Choose between 600 or 760mm screen sizes
  • Options for integrated audio
  • Bundled set of applications

PufferSphere Range


  • Single projector spherical displays
  • Acrylic screens: 1200 – 1500mm diameter
  • Flexible projector options, high-quality optics; maximum performance
  • Orientate to suit your design
  • Integrated Presenter software with routes for interactivity as standard

PufferSphere Pro Range


  • Inflatable screens up to 3500mm diameter
  • Ground standing or inverted
  • Compatible with a range of large-venue projectors
  • Lightweight modular frame assembly
  • Flat-pack or quick-rig flight case options