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iPort crafted products that enabled the integration of Apple products with the technology in your life. Over the years they invented the world’s first in-wall dock for iPod, the world’s first in-wall mount for iPad and iPod touch, and LaunchPort – the world’s first and only inductive charging system for iPad.

Their products are used in residences and commercial application alike, across the world. From hotel rooms, corporate offices, yachts and aircraft, iPort products solve real business problems and enhance the home every day.

Their team of engineers and designers create products that connect technology and life in meaningful ways. They are obsessed with user experience, quality and design. The focus is simple: to create opportunities for installers and users to improve the use of mobile technologies in residences and business around the world.


Charge Case and Stand

  • IPORT Charge – Case & Stand System




  • IPORT – LAUNCH – Case
  • IPORT – LAUNCH – BaseStation
  • IPORT – LAUNCH – WallStation



LUXE System

  • IPORT – LUXE – Case
  • IPORT – LUXE – BaseStation
  • IPORT – LUXE – WallStation

Surface Mount

  • IPORT – Surface Mount – Bezel
  • IPORT PoE Splitter
  • IPORT PoE Injector BLK


Side Mount

  • IPORT Side Mount
  • IPORT PoE Splitter
  • IPORT PoE Injector BLK


Table Mount

  • IPORT Table Mount
  • Redpark PoE Splitter
  • Redpark Micro USB-B Lightning Cable