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The Audio Spotlight PrivateSound™ technology creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the same precision as light. Aim the speaker at your desired listening area to keep sound focused specifically to your listeners and quiet everywhere else.


The Audio Spotlight with SoundBeam® technology is a revolutionary directional audio technology that creates sound in a narrow beam, just like light. Aim the flat, thin focused sound beaming device to your desired listening area, and provide all of the sound and none of the noise.™




– The newest and most affordable Audio Spotlight directional sound speakerwith sound beaming technology, best suited for reproducing brighter sounds.

– Designed for targeting single, stationary listeners in very quiet environments.

– Small form factor, perfect for kiosks, ATMs, and point of sale integration.




– The most popular Audio Spotlight model, capable of producing clear and present speech or music.

– Designed for comfortably targeting 1 or 2 people in quiet environments.

– Excellent directional speaker choice for offices, high-end retail, galleries, waiting rooms, hospitals, libraries, or the home.




– The larger Audio Spotlight AS-24i offers the strongest output and deepest low frequency response of all models.

– Designed for competing with noisier environments or areas requiring more coverage.

– Great highly directional speaker for museums, trade shows, supermarkets, outdoor applications, and many retail environments.

Easily replaces standard 2’x2′ ceiling tile with no additional hardware.