Crowdbeamer Presentation System Egypt, UAE & Saudi Arabia | Innovation Platform Solutions
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Crowdbeamer connects in real time the audience to any speaker’s presentation. A device, an app and a cloud platform: this plug-and-play presentation game changer improves effectiveness of all kind of meetings, training sessions and conferences. It opens a new world of universal use cases.

Crowdbeamer offers a solution for project meetings, team discussions, board meetings, brainstorm sessions, customer presentations, showroom sales pitches, data analysis & diagnostics, professional conferences, seminars, teaching, company visits, guided tours and many more.


Crowdbeamer Go



  • For small to medium-sized group

Crowdbeamer Enterprise


  • For both small and large groups

Crowdbeamer Enterprise+


  • For larger meeting spaces

Crowdbeamer ProAV



  • For conferences and events