Crestron Dolby Module | Innovation Platform Solutions
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Crestron Dolby Module

Crestron Dolby Module

Crestron Cinema Room Automation with Dolby Module


  • Avail full integration between Crestron 2 , 3 and 4 series controllers and IMS3000 Dolby module.
  • Ability to retrieve ingestedplaylists on Dolby IMS3000
  • Ability to check the validityof titles licenses
  • Time table sync showing movie length, lapsed time and remaining time
  • Full video control play , Pause , Stop etc…
  • Full control over DCI projector, Screen motorized masking , Lighting based on start and end of each title.
  • Showing status of connection between Crestron controller and Dolby server.
  • Variety of user interface

Dolby Module for Crestron System

Providing the configuration of Dolby module to an existing/new Crestron system to have the flexibility to control the content.

Crestron Dolby Module