Christie | Innovation Platform Solutions
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Christie can help bring your vision to life – at any scale. From projecting onto the world’s largest 360-degree dome surface, to lighting up an immersive cinema screen at an aquarium, to creating a virtual studio in a compact space, their range of products and solutions open up a world of possibilities.


Christie develop innovative cinema systems that enhance the cinema experience and deliver value to exhibitors. You will find details of their award-winning products including DCI-compliant cinema projectors, cinema loudspeakers, subwoofers, ceiling speakers, amplifiers, long-lasting cinema lamps, and cinema accessories.


They help you create experiences like no other.




  • CineLife+ Series
  • CineLife Series
  • Chrisite CP4430-RGB
  • Solaria Series
  • Christie CP4450-RGB
  • Christie CP4440-RGB
  • Christie CP4420-RGB
  • Christie CP4330-RGB
  • Christie CP4415-RGB
  • Christie CP4320-RGB
  • Christie CP4315-RGB
  • Christie CP2320-RGB
  • Christie CP2315-RGB
  • Christie CP2309-RGB
  • Christie CP2306-RGBe
  • Christie CP2310-RGBe
  • Christie CP2308-RGBe
  • Christie CP4230
  • Christie CP4220
  • Christie CP2230
  • Christie CP2220
  • Christie CP2215
  • Christie CP2308
  • Christie Duo



  • Class D Amplifiers
  • Screen Channel
  • Subwoofer
  • Surround