Arthur Holm Monitors in UAE, Egypt & Saudi Arabia
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Arthur Holm

Arthur holm

Arthur Holm is shaping the boardroom of the future. They offer an inspiring product range providing superior materials with an innovative design, flexibility and customisation. They create solutions to enhance communication, decision making and collaboration in reception areas and conference and meeting spaces.


Motorised Monitors to Integrate in Furniture


  • Dynamic4
  • Dynamic3
  • Dynamic2
  • Dynamic1
  • DynamicChairDisplay
  • DynamicReceptionMonitor

Manual Monitors to Integrate in Furniture


  • AH2
  • Gooseneck
  • DynamicReceptionMonitor




  • DynamicSpeaker

Signal Distribution and Selection


  • DynamicShare




Table Top Monitors


  • AH1

Wall Mountable Monitors


  • Rise
  • Drop


Video Conference Cameras


  • DynamicVision

Cable Cubby


  • DynamicCableRetract


Retractable Microphones


  • DynamicTalk

Microphone Surface Mount


  • MicConnect


Speaker Podium


  • Pylon

Lift for Tablets


  • DynamicTabLift


Motorised Housings for Items


  • CourtesyBox


Control and Diagnostic Accessories


  • ERT Interface